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Charlotte & Ben

My first official job as an event planner was quite possibly one of the most grueling yet rewarding experiences I've had to date. There are no words that can quite describe the love I witnessed between Charlotte & Ben, which made my job beyond enjoyable.

I've known Charlotte for a few years now and when she approached me to help plan and coordinate her wedding, I was honoured. I was already her makeup artist, so when I was asked to take on this role I knew it was going to be a challenge, but it was a challenge I welcomed with open arms. 

Charlotte & Ben had already made the major decisions before I came on board, which made my job reasonably 'easy'. Anything they wanted I managed to find a way of getting it done and doing it for them. 

After I had spent some time gathering information, and planning their big day, it was time to officially meet Ben. One word, headstrong. What Ben wanted, Ben got. I admire this about him. Most of the grooms I've worked with have no clue what they want, and they generally leave 90% of the decisions up to their bride to be. But Ben had a picture in mind of how he wanted his wedding, so it was my job to make sure he was happy. 

The week of the wedding was crazy...

From spray tanning Charlotte, to making sure she was getting enough sleep. Supervising vendors and making sure everything was perfect. It now seems like such a blue. We had torrential rain for days leading up to their big day and with the weather not looking like it was going to clear, I was all set and ready with plan B.

But the wedding gods were on our side.

The sun started shinning through the day before, which helped dry everything out and on the day of the Wedding it was absolutely perfect. 

The people that surround Charlotte & Ben are beyond amazing and I could not have pulled it off without them. From decorating open garages, mowing lawns, and building stairs, nothing seemed to be out of reach to be able to pull off their dream wedding. 

The day of the wedding...

WOW - Having everything planned down to the minute, everything ran so smoothly. A 5.30am start was a struggle, but before I knew it it was 11pm and I was off to bed. The moments in between were surreal. From setting up the venue, doing the bridal parties makeup, making final adjustments, greeting guests, coordinating the day, meeting new vendors, and eventually becoming a bar tender, it all amounted to an unforgettable day.

To say I was pleased was an understatement. Being my first official job as a wedding planner, it truly sealed the deal. 

I definitely struck it lucky with these two. they made me fall in love with what I do all over again. Which is something magical in itself. 

B xx

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